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The magazine

From June 2017 on the button will be available as an online publication. It will be distributed via email link, social media updates and available via a link on the website. In either interactive PDF or online page turn format



Advertising prices                                        Ad cost

Full page 186x217mm or full bleed

Back cover 186x217mm or full bleed

Half page 186x134mm

Quarter page 91x134mm

Eighth page 91x65mm

Sixteenth page 44x65mm


Advertising features

To promote or advertise your business in a different way you could take space as an advertising feature, incorporating more text and some carefully chosen images. Please call for rates on these features or fill out the online form on the contact page.



All back issues are kept in digital format accessible from the 'back issues' tab at the top of the web pages.








news and information in and around Arlesey, Fairfield and Stotfold

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media information

The website

This too has the option for online advertising. With specific pages such as the landing page, news, directory and feature pages lending themselves to sponsor advertising. Please contact us for more information.


•  Banner ads on the website – £100 per month

•  Logos on pages News, Directory, History,
    Photos and Back Issues – £50 per month

•  Logos on other pages are £20



Online directory upgrades

1 x email address

1 x web address

1 x logo

all three for one year


All basic entries are added free-of-charge

Online advertising – please call for information and pricing.







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